Short term insurance
We offer protection by handling your risk against theft, accidental damage and personal liability.

Life can be unpredictable. That is why short-term insurance is there to protect you against any losses you may suffer in an unforeseen event.

Short-term insurance is insurance that protects your possessions such as your house, car, cellular phone, furniture, etc. against loss due to events such as fire, theft or damage.

We offer a wide range of short term insurance products. We will assess and address your individual needs to see what type of cover you need to insure and protect yourself against unforeseen events.

Speak to a our North West Franchise Short Term Insurance adviser today to discuss your exact short term insurance needs.

Jessica Wilbers

Jessica Wilbers
Short-Term Insurance Adviser
Specialises in both Personal & Commercial Insurance.
T: +27 14 594 2388 C: +27 82 572 2965

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